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    active 1 hour, 12 minutes ago
    Phone: 407-610-0469
    Specializing in  Marriott Destination Points,  Aruba,  Hawaii,  and Marriott Newport Coast. Marriott, Starwood/Vistana, and Hyatt Resorts. I have been in the timeshare resale business for over 11 years, and in the timeshare industry for over 15 years. We never charge up front fees! Our goal is to sell your timeshare as quickly as possible! Please contact me today to assist you with buying or selling a timeshare. I look forward to assisting you!
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    Mark Bell
    active 1 hour, 41 minutes ago
    Phone: (+ 44) 01784 451355
    United Kingdom based timeshare resale company specializing in MARRIOTT MARBELLA, MARRIOTT PLAYA ANDALUZA, MARRIOTT SON ANTEM, MARRIOTT PHUKET & MARRIOTT VILLAGE I'LE DE FRANCE, MARRIOTT 47 PARK STREET & ALL OTHER MARRIOTT TIMESHARE RESORTS WORLDWIDE. We buy and sell Marriott timeshare ownership's. Free Registration offered to all MARRIOTT timeshare owners.Contact us for a professional hassle free service. We provide a full escrow service for all purchase and sale agreements. We look forward to hearing from you. Visit
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    Julie Bett
    active 3 hours, 55 minutes ago
    Phone: +34 952 886 340
    Specialists in MARRIOTT VACATION CLUB EUROPEAN RESORTS. Our website is at the top of all search engines & we have sold over €3,000,000 of Marriott Timeshare Resales in 2017. MARRIOTT MARBELLA BEACH RESORT, MARRIOTT PLAYA ANDALUZA, MARRIOTT CLUB SON ANTEM & MARRIOTT VILLAGE Dile de FRANCE. Clients visit daily to our multiple resales offices outside the resorts. FAB are multilingual and have all worked directly for MVCI. 25 years experience in timeshare. WE SELL ALL MARRIOTT VACATION CLUB OWNERSHIPS WORLDWIDE. We give you a realistic resales value for your ownership. LTRBA & ARDA approved , all funds are held in escrow by a trustee, in full accordance with EU & USA legislation.
  • Profile picture of Shelley C. Preece
    active 10 hours, 3 minutes ago
    Phone: 800-867-5336 / 801-661-1763
    Email: or
    Hello, I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Agent. I am a member of ARDA/ARDA-Win. A seated LTRBA Board of Director member since its inception, I have served 2 terms as Treasurer, 3 terms as an Executive Member and now currently hold the Executive Office of Secretary. Since 1987, I've specialized in the resale of Marriott and Marriott Club Destination Points, Hyatt, Hilton, Utah ski resorts, Western USA, Hawaii and Westin Starwood to name just a few resorts and locations. I charge NO UPFRONT FEES. In the last 30+ years, I have sold A LOT of timeshares. Get in touch with me and let's talk about how I can help you too.
  • Profile picture of Jessica O\'Daniel
    active 12 hours, 59 minutes ago
    Phone: 405-374-9255
    Broker/Owner of Redbud Timeshare Realty, Inc. Licensed broker with 14+ years of experience in the Timeshare Resale industry. Never any up front fees. We don't get paid until we get your timeshare sold! Specializing in Marriott, Marriott Points, Wyndham, Worldmark, Westgate, Hyatt Hilton and deeded Diamond properties. However we also handle any timeshare on any part of the planet!
  • Profile picture of Syed Sarmad
    active 14 hours, 6 minutes ago
    Phone: 808-878-8441
    Advantage Vacation is a licensed real estate company specializing in the resales of name brand timeshares, which include Marriott Legacy weeks and Destination Club points, Westin/Vistana, Hyatt, Hilton, Disney and other properties. We have been assisting Buyers and Sellers in the purchase and resale of timeshares for over 25 years. I have been serving clients in the timeshare industry for nearly 40 years. Our office is in the Lahaina Cannery Mall in Lahaina, Maui. If you are selling a timeshare we do not charge any upfront fees. We are paid a commission only after the sales transaction has been completed. Whether buying or selling a timeshare resale, your sales transaction will be handled by a licensed, third party closing company and will be done in full compliance of the laws of the state where your timeshare is located and the Timeshare Management Company’s policies. Please visit us on the web at http://www.Advantage or call us at 808.268.3826.            
  • Profile picture of Nancy Snyder
    active 14 hours, 30 minutes ago
    Phone: 407-929-7929
    Specializing in Marriott DESTINATION POINTS & Timeshares in Aruba, St.Thomas, Hawaii, Winter Ski Weeks.  Over 16 years experience! After working 8 years for Marriott Vacation Club, I entered into the Timeshare Resale Market & absolutely love what I do. I'm an expert in ALL Marriott properties & DESTINATION POINTS.  I also sell many other name brand timeshares such as Disney, Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood, Wyndham, etc. Whether you are looking to purchase, rent or sell your timeshare, I am dedicated to help you throughout the entire sales process & beyond. Never an upfront fee!!! I will promote your timeshare for sale on multiple websites to get quicker results. My goal is to sell your property in 30 days or less. Let's or email me today! Thank you! ~ Nancy
  • Profile picture of Janet Erimie
    active 22 hours, 16 minutes ago
    Phone: 407-203-6910
    Specializing in timeshare resales for 17 years and in the timeshare business for 32. Specializing in Marriott weeks, Marriott Destination points, Starwood, Hyatt and Royal Resorts in Mexico. Owner/Broker for Timeshare Resale Partners LLC. Members of LTRBA & ARDA. NO UPFRONT FEES for sellers! HABLO ESPANOL!
  • Profile picture of Frances K. Chestnut
    active 1 day, 16 hours ago
    Phone: (800) 808-5651
    I am a California Licensed  Real Estate Agent born and raised in Southern California.  Hotel Timeshare Resales has been selling timeshares for the past 23 year Representing buyers and sellers alike. We specialize in Marriott, Starwood/Vistana, Hilton and Hyatt timeshares worldwide.  A+ accredited with the BBB and never an upfront fee.
  • Profile picture of Peach Web Design
    active 1 day, 19 hours ago
    Phone: 501-288-9321
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