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Timeshare buyers frequently tell us how refreshing it is to find a website like ours.

A website which is not concentrated solely upon separating their wallets from them for one sort of non-refundable upfront fee scheme or another, which is so typical of the majority of timeshare oriented websites now dominating the Internet.

Actual case:

Robert S who mailed a letter to one of our members which included a list of 20 companies to whom he had paid an upfront fee. The total fees paid before one of our LTRBA members sold it with NO UPFRONT FEE, was over $20,000! Our member’s commission was paid at the close of the sale as is normal for a licensed real estate broker.

How Are We Paid?

Like all legitimate real estate agents, we are paid as a commission AFTER the sale closes. Our member companies follow the normal tradition in real estate whereby each timeshare member company sets it’s own commission percentage.


Our members have been selling timeshare for many years, some for 30 years and more. Their extensive knowledge is being drawn upon to network with vast resources within the industry.

Why No Upfront Fee?

Purely ethics. Upfront companies invariably over-price to entice a listing. The listing won’t sell. The company has their non-refundable fee. The truth is, upfront companies typically make far more money than licensed brokers. Scammers don’t need to sell at all.

Unethical Practice

If you feel you have been the victim of an unethical practice by one of our members, please complete the Unethical Complaint form and our Ethics Committee will investigate all legitimate allegations.