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Why Join the LTRBA?

Thank you for your interest in joining our association. We are a group of licensed real estate agents and brokers who have organized to facilitate honest and ethical aftermarket transactions in the vacation timeshare industry. Our members overwhelmingly believe that operating under conventional real estate laws offers the highest level of security to the public, our clients. We are committed to working with the various regulatory and law enforcement entities across the country in an effort to purge the unsavory players from our industry. Thus, holding a valid real estate license is mandatory for memberships in LTRBA.

Benefits of Membership
Support Aftermarket Pricing

The fragmentation in the timeshare aftermarket has led to depreciating prices due to the difficulty in matching buyers with sellers. When vacation products become too inexpensive, sellers are easily frustrated, which results in more opportunities for fraud. Higher prices help to stabilize the market for vacation properties as buyers understand their investments are sound. They also lead to healthier HOA’s which in turn allow for proper maintenance and a higher quality experience for owners. Higher prices also mean higher earnings which, in turn, support professionalism in our industry.

Grow Your Business

LTRBA members mutually support each other through a network of like-minded professionals. Opportunities to develop commercial and co-brokerage relationships are enhanced when you know that the broker on the other side of a transaction has the same interest in serving the public as you have.

Reassure the Public that it’s Safe to work with You

As a member you will have visibility on our website’s member directory as well as the opportunity to link from the LTRBA site to your existing website. Our goal is to rapidly educate the public so that they know the LRTBA logo is their first line of defense against fraud and a means of identifying expert brokers to assist them with their vacation timeshare transaction.

Learn from Other Brokers

Another benefit of membership is your ability to learn from other members. Many LTRBA members have decades of experience with one or more clubs and are willing to assist you with transactions that are outside of your current experience. As clubs/programs have evolved, so too have the transactional demands on brokers.LTRBA membership allows you the opportunity to learn from more experienced members who can often give you guidance on closing processes and documents that are unique to particular clubs or developers.

Help Reduce Fraud and Enhance our Industry

If you are of a like mind and want to grow your business and help LTRBA police our industry, we welcome your participation. By working together, we believe we can create a dynamic and efficient secondary market for vacation intervals to the benefit of owners, prospective owners, real estate brokers, developers, and homeowners’ associations.

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